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It's Time to Put Your Skills to the Real Test!

Do you think you are physically fit? If so, why not come and try our Farmer Olympics Challenge!?

This event is guaranteed to have everyone laughing and working as a team. Below is a list of the events which we can offer – each one is run as a competition between teams and all have a farmer’s twist!

N.b. The events run on the day are dependant on weather and ground conditions.


Roll That Bale!

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Teams have to roll two round hay/straw bales in pairs up and down a track in the fastest time possible. Team who get’s all their pairs done the quickest wins!

Egg Roulette!

In this event we will have hidden a number of eggs in straw – some are hard-boiled but some are not! One person from each team runs out to find an egg and hands it to the next team member in line who throws it on the floor next to them/cracks it somewhere on their body depending on how brave they are! Team with the fewest raw eggs found wins!

Tyre Relay!

Each team has an identical set of tyres, varying in weight and size. In pairs the team must move each tyre from one place to another and then back again by either flipping or rolling them – they cannot pick them up and run with them. The fastest team to move all their tyres wins!


Teams have a stack of small bales each. They have to move each bale over an obstacle course and re-stack at the other side. Whilst the bales are getting moved the other team members are instructed to hold a certain position e.g. standing on one leg, hold a plank. Each time a team member drops out of their position then the team gains a 5 second penalty added on to their end time. Fastest team wins, and if they finish at the same time then the tidiest stack wins!

Tug Of War!

This needs no explanation. Best of 3, strongest team wins!


A simple water transfer game – teams have to use unusual transfer-instruments (e.g. a mug with a hole in the side, an egg cup) to transfer water over obstacles to fill up a water butt/similar. Team who fills theirs up fastest wins!


The ultimate farm challenge! Which team can pull a 6 tonne tractor the furthest distance in the fastest time?


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